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Fall in Blue Bell - November 24, 2019

A bit of snow in Blue Bell today (Feb. 20, 2019)

The main purpose of this website is to share my works with my friends - you all know that I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer and like to "play" with Photoshop to create digital composites from my images. 

Click above on "Digital Art" or "Photos" and its sub-groups, enjoy, and please leave comments in the "Guestbook".  Thanks !




A few days at the Bahamas - Dec. 2018

With my daughter Edith and my son Wolfgang ...

A little while ago Fran and I visited Israel and had the opportunity to take a few nice pictures.

While in Austria I saw these unique items - all decorated with "fish-leather".  I hope you like them too, I have not seen anything similar on my trips before ...

The best image of me !!!

Spring is in full bloom in Blue Bell


Looking through my pictures, I found a great variety of "faces".  I am sharing some of them with you here.

Frost and flowers on the first day of Spring

Spring has arrived at the Morris Arboretum

Halloween and Fall Colors

Fall at Sunrise

My "Art Camp for Adults" at GNAL

I ventured into producing artwork - not photos.  

Spring has finally arrived in Blue Bell, PA

Moon over Blue Bell - February 3, 2015

Finally the clouds went away and I got a reasonably clean shot of our moon, handheld and freezing ...

Footprints in Aruba and in Blue Bell 

Do you see the difference ???

We are back !

Sorry for not having sent any Christmas cards this year, I don't have an excuse, I only have an explanation: My daughter Edith from Austria talked me into taking the first cruise of my life on the "Legend of the Seas" to the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and Jamaica. I took too many pictures and will have to sift through them so I can post a few of the better ones in a few days. 
This was our home for 10 days (December 14-24, 2014)

GNAL Theme Show Fall 2014 - Captured Motion

I won the Terry Lipton Memorial Awards with my photo "Wind Chimes"

Japanese Garden

"Seasons" at the Morris Arboretum

Spring 2014 in Blue Bell

Spring has arrived in Blue Bell in all its beauty !

Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossoms and a Kimono Demo at the Morris Arboretum

Winter's Beauty !

Ice and snow knocked out public power for wide areas of Pennsylvania.  I lost a tree and had no electricity for 30 hours, but my trustworthy generator kempt me warm.  The ice on the trees was just beautiful to see.  

Snow in Blue Bell, February 3, 2014

Jamaica December 2013

I had the pleasure of spending 5 days in Jamaica with my daughter Edith. Here are a few pictures showing the beauty of the Iberostar Beach resort and the incredible poverty right next to it.

First Snow - December 10, 2013

Evening Sky, November 23, 2013

Autumn in Blue Bell

Halloween 2013

Family Visit Sommer 2013

Big Bugs at the Morris Arboretum

Golden Light at the Morris Arboretum

Frost on the car-window - it is cold !

Happy Holidays and Prosit 2013 !

Christmas in the neighborhood

A Rhododendron's Life


Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays


Schallaburg, Austria
Schallaburg, Austria

Fall 2011 in Blue Bell

Rusty Gears and Poison Ivy

This picture actually won an awards at GNAL's Theme Show "Parts of Things"

Olde Mill - Morris Arboretum
Olde Mill - Morris Arboretum

Three seasons in one picture

Spring flower, fall leaves, first snow
Spring flower, fall leaves, first snow

Fall Festival at the Morris Arboretum

Early Fall in Blue Bell

Early Fall in Blue Bell
Early Fall in Blue Bell


In our neighbor's garden ...

Some like it green ...

Ice Storm

Cherry blossoms in our back yard

Easter must be over ...

The Red Rocks of Sedona

Cherry Blossoms

"Long Fountain" at the Morris Arboretum

Japanese Drummers at the Morris Arboretum

Clouds over Yellowstone

Looking at You

Valentines Day Morning

Happy New Year !

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